Gun Control in VAWA Doesn’t Protect Women, or Anyone Else!

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Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! Need more 9mm Ammo? Then BookMark this page! Own A Gun? Make Sure you are Covered. Legal Defense for Self-Defense. USA – -( Bereli has the Kodiak Men’s Grey Karlen Lace Casual Shoe for just $26.99. That is 55% off MSRP and with FREE shipping […]

PA Candidate for Erie County Sheriff “I Won’t Be Complicit In AntiGun Airport Scheme”

Brian Shank, who is on the ballot for 2021 and running for the Erie County Pennsylvania Sheriff’s Office. Sent AmmoLand News this statement on the recent harassment efforts of PA gun owners by Acting United States Attorney Steve Kaufman. Brian Shank for Erie County Sheriffs Office Erie County Pennsylvania – -( “Acting United States Attorney […]

SAF Victory In Pennsylvania Gun Range Ban Case

SAF Victory In Pennsylvania Gun Range Ban Case U.S.A. –-( A federal court has granted a preliminary injunction in a case involving zoning restrictions designed to ban a gun range in Robinson Township, Pennsylvania, the Second Amendment Foundation announced. The case is known as Drummond LLC v. Robinson Township. Plaintiffs in the case are William […]

King County, WA Illustrates Failure of Gun Control Laws

Gun control in Washington has been a failure, says the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and date from the King County Prosecutor’s Office supports that contention. iStock-884168778 U.S.A. –-( King County, Washington is the hub of gun control extremism in the Pacific Northwest and by no small coincidence, according to […]

Stop Biden’s Anti-Gun Budget

Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion budget is a gateway to tyranny and would deal a death blow to the Second Amendment. If passed by the Senate, this bill would give the IRS unprecedented authority to track every purchase you make over $600. That means a firearm that you purchase for over $600 would automatically be tracked […]

Young and Old Need Armed Defense at Night

Young and Old Need Armed Defense at Night – Self Defense Gun Stories U.S.A. -( You probably didn’t see these stories covered by the mainstream news media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love. Self-defense instructor Heather Reeves joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at four […]

McAuliffe’s Virginia Gun Control Plan: Public Health Crisis

By Larry Keane Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is pushing gun control under the guise of a public healthcare crisis. IMG iStock-942826332 U.S.A. -( Democratic candidate for Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe is proving that once government officials learn they can use a crisis to deny basic freedoms, they’ll find a crisis every time. McAuliffe has decided that […]

Acting U.S. Attorney Kaufman Coerces PA Sheriff to Illegally Revoke Licenses to Carry Firearms

Biden Appointee Shows Anti-Gun Bias Against Pennsylvania Gun Owners October 14, 2021 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Allegheny County, PA) Acting US Attorney Stephen R. Kaufman has asked the sheriffs of counties located within the Western District of Pennsylvania to revoke the otherwise “valid concealed carry permit[s]” of individuals who inadvertently bring a firearm on their person […]

US Attorney Asks Pennsylvania Sheriffs To Revoke Carry Permits

US Attorney Asks Pennsylvania Sheriffs To Revoke Carry Permits PITTSBURGH, PA –-( When Joe Biden took office, he asked all the Trump-appointed United States Attorneys to resign. Most did, including United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania Scott Bradly. With the resignation of Bradly, Biden appointed Stephen R. Kaufman to be the Acting […]

Wisconsin: Committee Hearing Worshipper Protection

Wisconsin State Capitol U.S.A. -( Tomorrow, the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety will hear Senate Bill 584, to improve the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their loved ones while worshipping; and Senate Bill 570, to protect Second Amendment rights from frivolous lawsuits. If you wish to find the time and […]